Investing in our future to bring the world up to speed with ever advancing Technology and Innovation

About Techbridge Investments

Techbridge Investments founded by Syed Sheharyar Ali was incorporated in the year 2017 with a vision to make usage of technology mainstream and accelerate innovation across the world. With rapid advancement in technology from internet accessibility in 1990s to now entering into the world of blockchain, AI, AR, VR, IoT in just 2 decades, it is of paramount importance to understand that survival of human race, organizations and institutes from here on is only dependent on adapting to technology. What was only a luxury once has now become a necessity. Thus, ever since its incorporation, Techbridge has invested in a number of tech startups from numerous verticals to multiply the growth in innovative ideas and tech.

Techbridge Investments having its office in Portugal is not restricted to investing only in the area but has a vision to invest in technology and innovation across the world especially bringing 3rd world countries up to speed. Techbridge is always on a look out for exceptional entrepreneurs with creative thought process who can produce breakthrough technology that can impact masses.

Techbridge has invested in numerous startups internationally and its portfolio companies range from fintech, auto tech to food tech with a primary focus of making technology accessible at every level. Techbridge Investments have helped multiple startups realize their dream and have supported them in their growth through different stages.


Location: Rua do Condo Redondo, nº 82, 2º esqº
District: Lisbon Municipality: Lisbon Parish: Santo Antonio
1150 109 Lisbon

Useful Information Available in Incorporation Agreement:

Legal Status: Private Limited Company
Year of incorporation: 2017


  • The company’s object is to make investments, especially in the technological and innovation area, through the acquisition, sale and holding of shareholdings in companies; acquisition and sale of any other cash equities, options and subscription rights for future shareholdings; the acquisition of subordinated debt as well as the management of the investments made.
  • The company may join complementary groups of companies, consortia or joint ventures.